Joomla Module Documentation

1. Downloading Module

Download the latest version of the GTranslate Free module for your Joomla version.

2. GTranslate Module Installation

Login to your Joomla Administrator Panel.

Click ExtensionExtension Manager (or Install/Uninstall) in the top menu.

Extension Manager

Click Browse in the upload package section.

Upload the extension in zip format and click the Upload File & Install button. If the installation is successful, a confirmation message will be displayed.


3. GTranslate Module Configuration

After you install the extension please go to ExtensionsModule Manager. On it locate the GTranslate module and click on "Enable" icon next to it. This will activate the module.

Module Manager

In order to open the configuration page for GTranslate go to the Module Manager and click on the GTranslate module in the table. Following this link will take you to the configuration page. On the configuration page there are several settings that you can adjust to make the module fit your needs.

Assign appropriate position to it.

Module Position

The Menu Assignment section allows you to choose the pages where you want the module to appear. Select On All Pages and the module will be visible on all pages.


Change module settings

Module class suffix - A suffix to be applied to the css class of the module (table.moduletable), this allows individual module styling.

Operate with GTranslate Pro version - If you purchased GTranslate Pro version and it is installed, just turn on this option to have SEF URLs with language codes (/es, /fr, /it, etc.), enable language editing feature and search engine indexing of the translated pages.

Operate with GTranslate Enterprise version - If you have subscribed to our TDN and it is configured, just turn on this option to have SEF URLs with language codes (,,, etc.), enable language editing feature and search engine indexing of the translated pages.

Translation method - Select which method shall be used when translating the page. Google Default will show only a dropdown provided by Google and it will translate the page on the fly, but you cannot configure it's appearance. Redirect method will redirect the visitor to the translated page. It requires your site to be online, localhost will not work. If the Pro version is installed it will use SEF URLs (/es, /fr, /it, etc.) and keep the visitor on your domain, also it can work on localhost.

Look - The way the language selector will appear in your site: Flags, Drop Down list or Both. This option works with the Redirect translation method. Select flag size and orientation.

Analytics - If you have Google Analytics new code on your site. You can enable this which will allow you to see translation events in Google Analytics - Content - Event Tracking. Note: Will not work if you use Google Default translation method.

Site Language - Select the default language of your website.

Choose the allowed languages you want your visitors to select from.

Save setting and close.


Uninstalling GTranslate Module

1. Login to Joomla backend.

2. Click Extension → Extension Manager (or Install/Uninstall for Joomla 1.5.x) in the top menu.

3. Click Manage (or Modules for Joomla 1.5.x) then Select GTranslate module and click the Uninstall button at the top right menu.

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