7 Best WordPress Plugins for Your Website

Having a WordPress website for business or personal purposes is easy, affordable and fun. You don't have to worry about complex features, SEO, translation or other stuff since there are hundreds of useful WordPress plugins that can make your life easier.

To put it shortly, with a WordPress website, you don't have to code, hire a developer to code for you or pay a lot of money for website maintenance and support. Instead, you can just install a few of the best WordPress plugins and thus resolve all your website-related issues.

Here, we will look into 7 best WordPress Plugins for a website.

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How to enhance translation quality with GTranslate?

When people say "translation services", they usually imply the services provided by professional translators. For example, when they say "professional website translation", they mean that a translator is going to translate the website content into a language manually. Translators usually perform translations in 1 or 2 languages. Sometimes, if you are lucky enough, you will get a translation into several languages too. But never into a dozen languages.

So, if you want to translate a website into say 20 languages, you might need to hire 5-6 translators if not more. Is this going to cost you a lot of money? It definitely is!

Thanks to the technology, there are automatic translation tools out there on the web which you can use to translate pretty much anything posted anywhere. However, automatic translation tools are not always perfect. While automatic translation continues to improve day by day, it is still unable to reach perfect levels of accuracy, and it also lacks a natural feel. So, will it replace natural translation one day? It has all the chances to do so.


Business Growth Strategies to Apply in 2019

According to a report by Forrester, 68% of B2B customers prefer to research independently online. Of course, conversations, taking the potential client out for lunch are still sometimes great ways to acquire new customers. However, they can be too time-consuming.

Are you still using the old ways for your marketing? If yes, then maybe it's a good idea to switch to something new already. You could begin by implementing these new business growth strategies in 2019.


How to Optimize Your Shopify Store Checkout Process

Why most people abandon your shopping cart and never get back to your Shopify store?

While there can be tons of reasons for this, one major reason is that your checkout process might be too difficult to handle, too time-consuming, and thus too nerve-wracking.

So, whenever you have some kind of a pain, you should find out the exact place or thing that causes the pain and use the right painkillers to get rid of it. You don't want people to bounce away from your online store, right? Then make sure to find out the source of the pain and work hard towards applying the best painkiller.

If people are abandoning your Shopify store at the checkout, then there is something about the checkout process that you should rethink, reorganize, redesign, and rebuild. But before jumping into some ideas as for how you could optimize your store checkout process, let's understand the pain aka abandonment rate fully.


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