Shopify App Documentation


  • Get GTranslate app for your shop
  • Configure the language selector from the settings page
  • Add the language selector to your shop using ONE of the following ways:
    1. Use "Show floating language selector" option to show a sticky language selector on top-right, top-left, bottom-right or bottom-left positions. (easy)
    2. You can customize your theme files and add gtranslate snippet to it. (you need to know some basic HTML/CSS)
    3. Contact our Live Chat and our specialist will place the translator on your desired location. (our operator will need access to your shop)


  1. Make sure that "Show floating language selector" option is set to "No" in GTranslate app settings page.
  2. Delete GTranslate app from the list of your applications.

If you have already uninstalled without turning off "Show floating language selector", please install it back and turn it off like described above, then you can uninstall again.

If for some reason you do not wish to install it again, then go to your Online Store → Theme Actions → Edit Code → theme.liquid. Find and delete {% include 'gtranslate' %} from the end of your theme.liquid file.

Try GTranslate with a free 15 day trial