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[Solved] 404 Error using Pro
Feb 18, 2011 11:22 am by [email protected]
Hi Just installed following purchase this morning. Server meets all requirements & ioncube loader tested working. .htaccess set up as described & the free module is set to redirect and use the Pro version. I get a 404 error when trying to translate into any language. The rewrite rules are places exactly after RewriteEngine On. This throws up the webserver's defaul 404 page. If I move the rewrite rules to after the Joomla SEF rules I get my custom Joomla 404 page. I can't give the URL here as the site is not live yet and is password protected via .htaccess, which shouldn't affect anything I would have thought. Can email ftp / access details if required. Thanks Chris
Re: 404 Error using Pro
Feb 18, 2011 11:31 am by Edvard
When I access I get 404 error code. Seems you have placed it in a wrong place.
Re: 404 Error using Pro
Feb 18, 2011 11:54 am by [email protected]
No, it wasn't in the wrong place. In fact, the .htaccess protection on the site until it goes live was actually to blame. I've disabled this and it all works fine now. Just one further question: When i go to change language, say to German, it translates fine and displays under the new URL. However, when on this newly translated page it is not possible to translate to any other language. To go back to English I have to use the browser back button. Is this behaviour correct? Thanks! Chris
Re: 404 Error using Pro
Feb 20, 2011 12:51 pm by Edvard
Please use v3.14
Re: 404 Error using Pro [SOLVED]
Feb 20, 2011 4:37 pm by [email protected]
Works beautifully. Please consider this thread closed. Now have a different question - will open a new thread for it ....


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