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API Key where to get it
Apr 25, 2012 2:09 pm by webseo
Hi, after long consideration of the many issues, high cost, and reading many of the posts on the forum about problems with your "Enterprise" option and how long they have had to wait for some of the answers regardless of the fact of the paid cost, we have come to the conclusion that we'll give it a try to your "Pro" version first. However, we still have questions about the API key you mention on the "Troubleshooting GTranslate Pro" section on the forum. It is unclear if you are referring to the Google API key, which we assume is the case, but Google says an API key is not necessary anymore, Yet you continously speak about entering the key on this, and other areas of the forum. Can you please clarify the following point from the "Troubleshooting GTranslate Pro"? "5. When I select a language I'm being redirected to a URL with the language code, but all the texts are being stripped. - You have a wrong API key, edit gtranslate/config.php file and set a correct API_KEY which doesn't have &q in the end and/or any extra spaces. If you got something like this from Google: https:-//, your key will be between key= and &q=, in this case it is AIzaSyD1rxxxxxxxxxxxRfElDIlo . After you correct the key in config.php file, you will need to clear the contents of gtranslate/cache/XX folders"" Thanks, Beatriz Mendoza San Diego Webmaster Services
Re: API Key where to get it
Apr 25, 2012 5:04 pm by Yana
Dear Beatriz, API key is an optional feature and GTranslate Pro works without API. Google API key is a commercial and if you want you can get google API key from The Bing API key has some free limits.

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