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Articles not translating after GTranslate Pro install.
Oct 8, 2011 3:15 am by nemmar
Edvard, My site articles are not translating. The menus and links translate but the text of the articles is still not translating. I don't want my site to be penalized by Google for duplicate content URLs so I have to get the translation working. If you have a user manual or somewhere with step-by-step configuration instructions then let me know because all I know of is the readme.txt file which just mentions how to install GTranslate, which you did already. Here are the questsions I have on configuring: 1) You installed my GTranslate Pro so I know it must be configured properly. After reading through this forum I noticed topics talking about getting a Google API Key to add to the gtranslate/config.php file. I got the Google API key and entered it into the gtranslate/config.php file, along with the username and password to edit translations, (since that file comment says to please change for security reasons). I noticed in some of the forum topics that you also mention about changing the rewrite rules for the Google API. Do I need to change the rewrite rules for Google API from the rules you setup when you installed GTranslate Pro? If yes, then let me know what file to change and what changes to make. I have screenshots of my Google API account showing the report and quotas screens and there's nothing so it can't be that I exceeded my quota limit since I just signed up. In Google APIs Console I'm not clear on how to set this up for GTranslate: In the Quotas > Configure traffic filers > Configure Quotas for API Project popup window: Do I select "Browser-embedded scripts"? Or do I select "Server-side applications"? What do I enter in the "Accept requests from these HTTP referers (web sites) box? Then in the "Usage Limits" area it has: "Billing is not enabled" API usage will be restricted to courtesy limits. Translate API, 100.0 charac/second/user, Usage data not available, Courtesy Limit 0 characters/day, Enable Billing. What do you recommend I set for the "Set per-user limits" amount? Do I need to Enable billing and pay for the Google API for GTranslate to work effectively on my site? 2) I noticed that there are only 40 languages listed in the gtranslate/config.php file as follows: define('MAIN_LANG', 'en'); // en, ar, bg, hr, cn, ct, cs, da, et, tl, fi, fr, gl, el, iw, hi, es, nl, id, ja, ca, ko, lt, lv, mt, de, no, pt, ru, ro, sr, sk, sl, sv, th, tr, uk, hu, vi, it, pl, sq What about the rest of the 58 languages that are supposed to be translated by GTranslate, do they need to also be added to the config.php file? 3) Is there a benefit to using the Bing API key instead of Google to translate a site? I noticed the line in the gtranslate/config.php file about using Bing for the translations which requires PHP SOAP client and I saw Bring mentioned in this forum. 4) How do I access the manual translation editing feature of GTranslate, (I entered the login info for that in the config.php)? Is there an extension to add to the URL's to access this feature? 5) Basically, I just want to make sure I get GTranslate Pro setup 100% correct so that it works and I don't need to bother worrying about it again. This way the existing articles/content on my site, or when I change or add more articles/content to my site, will all be translated into all the available languages without me having to do anything. And I certainly don't want to be penalized by Google for duplicate content URL's since I can only check some pages to see if they are translating and I don't want to worry about checking ALL of them. Thanks for any advice on how to fix this.
Re: Articles not translating after GTranslate Pro install.
Oct 9, 2011 9:10 pm by Edvard
Hi, I have checked many pages of your site and couldn't find anything that is not translated. If you know the URL of not translated page, please post it here, so I can check what is the reason. Please find my response below: 1) Google made the Translate API commercial and doesn't offer a free courtesy limit for new users. If you want to use the translate API you will need to pay to Google. Without the API the script uses the website and get's the translations from there without API. There is no need to use the API if you don't want to get statistics information from API console. 2) There is no need to do anything. It is just a comment with the languages list you can set as a main language. That list is not complete. It is just an example of the language codes. 3) Sometimes the translation quality is better using Bing, sometimes it is worse. 4) You need to add ?language_edit=1 in the end of the translated page URL you want to edit. 5) You don't need to do anything. You just need to wait and everything will be translated automatically over time.
Re: Articles not translating after GTranslate Pro install.
Nov 15, 2012 3:24 am by disophy47
Hi- So since Google is charging for the API, and that API seems to be what is necessary for GTranslate Pro to deliver the feature set that I was sold. Or does it? Also, nowhere before I bought GTranslate Pro did it indicate how much programming knowledge is necessary to install this. I'm unclear now on what the value is considering I've spent several hours trying to work through the code and it's still not installed. At this point I want a refund. Thanks,
Re: Articles not translating after GTranslate Pro install.
Nov 15, 2012 7:31 am by Yana
Hi, The API key is an optional feature and there is no need to add API key. Here is the documentation ... umentation If you have a problem with the installation we can install it for you. You just need to send access info.
Re: Articles not translating after GTranslate Pro install.
Nov 15, 2012 1:31 pm by disophy47
Thanks Yana, I do appreciate the information and your offer. What information do you need from me and where should I send it? Thanks!
Re: Articles not translating after GTranslate Pro install.
Nov 16, 2012 11:47 pm by disophy47
Hi Yana- I sent a message to you yesterday requesting what information was needed and to whom it should be sent and haven't received a reply to this or to the above post requesting the same. I'd like to get this resolve this weekend if at all possible. Thank you again for your assistance.
Re: Articles not translating after GTranslate Pro install.
Nov 17, 2012 10:16 pm by Yana
Hi, Please use contact form on our homepage to send the information.


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