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Cache Time for Gtranslate Pro
Jan 23, 2012 10:04 pm by jb11
Hi Edvard I have the latest Pro installed from your August 2011 email (v3.141592). As I am now spending a few hundred dollars a month on Google Translate's API (billing enabled) for a relatively large site's 23 languages, one of my biggest concerns is how your config.php/translate.php file will deal with the /cache/ and its contents folder when the expiry period is reached. The expiry period set in my config.php is the default "define('CACHE_TIME', 365*24*60*60); //1 year" (Question 1) Will GTRANSLATE remove the entire /cache/ folder within a year or does it look at INDIVIDUAL files dates when determining when to delete a cache file individually when the 365*24*60*60 period is reached? If GTRANSLATE for some reason deletes the /cache/ folder, I cannot afford to pay Google again for all the lost month's translated files (which will be thousands of US Dollars). I do backup the /cache/ folder but this is difficult sometimes with the thousands of files inside the folder. If you have a easy way to backup the /cache/ folder, please do share this with us. For now, I just need to make sure first how your expiry code works. (Question 2) If I increase the 365*24*60*60 period to say two years, will all my existing /cache/ files still stay intact and will not be effected by any increase of the cache exp time? Thank you Juan
Re: Cache Time for Gtranslate Pro
Jan 26, 2012 12:28 am by Edvard
Hi, 1st of all you don't need to pay Google to use the translator... (Good news). Please use our contact form on the home page, so our specialist will guide you through the update process. It will not remove the cache after translation, but try to replace if it is expired on request. You can increase the cache time as you wish, decreasing it is not suggested.
Re: Cache Time for Gtranslate Pro
Jan 26, 2012 10:59 pm by jb11
Thank you for the reply and confirming that GTRANSALTE does not remove cache files but only replaces files based on the expiry date where applicable. I know GTRANSLATE is free, it is just that we have decided to use the Google API option together with GTRANSLATE as Google's translation API is getting better in terms of quality. So we do not mind paying Google for using their Translate API service ( together with GTRANSLATE. Protecting the contents of the /cache/ is important to me as we used (and paid for) Google's API to build the /cache/ files. I know Bing does not currently charge for the usage of their API, but their quality is not the best. Have sent an email via your contact page for information on how to update the Pro version.


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