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Configuring it properly with Cloudflare SSL proxy enabled
Mar 8, 2017 4:38 am by brunocosta
Hi Gtranslate support! Im seeking advise... Im running a WP site and i would like to know what are the fundamental configurations for running properly your service when using it "behind" Cloudflare SSL proxy service. I have an active project that is "behind" cloudflare proxy server and im using flexible SSL (cloudflare SSL). Im ready to pay premium subscription, providing i can set up this properly. Ive read too many problems regarding setting up your service properly with cloudflare and i really need your help to figure this out. I even tried some experiments with my intended configuration (read below my intended ideal configuration), but either i would get "too many redirects" loop or i would get a "cloudflare forbidden/proibited IP" error I must mention that i never purchased a Paid subscription from your service, not even tried the TRIAL one. I was just experimenting the "FREE" package, after having installed your WP plugin. So i guess it can be natural that some of the errors/ "strange" behaviours i faced with my testings might be related with the fact that i was testing on FREE mode. [size=150:54lamt53]My intended configuration is as follows (if i achieve this, i beg you to take my money :) ):[/size:54lamt53] -> My site is behind flexible SSL mode on Cloudflare, so i want to continue to use SSL. -> My site is hosted on the root (i will tell you the URL on private). It is also a dedicated machine. Standalone IP allocated for the domain. -> I do wish to set translations with directories/folders (domain/lang1/, domain/lang2/,etc) -> I do wish to enable URL + Meta data translation aswell. -> Complete Search Engine Compliant - SERPs get indexed all translated meta data (URL. title, description) -> Finally and mostly, I would like to not be forced to disable Proxy/security services on Cloudflare (dont want to turn OFF cloud on cloudflare). If im forced to disable Cloudflare Speed/security services and just use cloudflare as a DNS resolver, it will be tricky hard for me to use your service. :( -> Regarding the cache from Cloudflare, im less conservative and i can live with sometimes not getting everything translated on the page (because of caching issues). But if you can tell me on how to disable caching for your Gtranslate service under "page Rules" on cloudflare side, then i appreciate. So, this said, is there any product/custom configuration for me to have all this? If yes, then please send me your support email (or PM me), for me to send you my .Htaccess data (or any other server/cloudflare data you might request), for you to then check it and help me. Lets do business together. Ill be a happy Premium /subscriber user, providing i can really setup this right :) Waiting your feedback. Thank you Bruno
Re: Configuring it properly with Cloudflare SSL proxy enable
Mar 8, 2017 9:54 pm by Edvard
Hi, You can use one of our paid plans which has SSL support feature. You can configure our Custom plan to include the options you need. You will need to setup a self-signed SSL certificate on your server, so cloudflare will access your website with https protocol instead of current http (not a good thing to do). You need to change Cloudflare settings from Flexible SSL to Full SSL. Then you will need to provide us your real server IP address from cloudflare DNS settings page. After that you can use our sub-domain or sub-directory URL structure. If you use sub-domain ( you need to add CName DNS record in Cloudflare DNS manager and turn on cloud icon for it. If you use sub-directories, just turn on the feature in Wordpress plugin. If you have more questions you can use our Live Chat Thanks!
Re: Configuring it properly with Cloudflare SSL proxy enable
Mar 9, 2017 8:17 am by brunocosta
Hi Edvard! Thanks for your feedback and support. I have one more question. -> After having it all setup with sub-directories, is there anyway that SEO WP extensions such as Yoast, to detect the new "sub-directories" languages and generate XML sitemaps from them aswell? Or if i wish to use any other third party xml-sitemap builder tool, will it detect the new lang sub-directories you generated for me when they start to harvest my website? If not, what would a normal HTML sitemap auto-generation tool include the new language Sub-directories URLS you generated for me? Would those tools be able to detect and harvest all those lang urls you generated for me? thank you Bruno
Re: Configuring it properly with Cloudflare SSL proxy enable
Mar 9, 2017 2:35 pm by Edvard
Hi, No need to create any sitemap, just take care of your original version, search engines will discover the translations. HTML sitemap is good, but not mandatory. Thanks!


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