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[Solved] Conflict GTranslate Pro and Mobile Joomla
Mar 22, 2012 6:12 pm by [email protected]
HI, I have a new site on Joomla 2.5.3 that I have GTranslate Pro and Mobile Joomla installed on. I have the same combination on some Joomla 1.5 sites as well and they are working perfect. On this new site I have an issue. I have tried to set up Mobile Joomla not to display the startpage content as on all 1.5 sites but on this J2.5.3 sitte it doesn't matter how I try to get rid of this start page content (I just want the menu to show). I have got suppoort from the Mobile Joomla team and they claim it's a GTranslate prroblem. Here's what they say in the latest conversation: "Some plugin adds garbage to global $_GET array (that usually contains parameters from URL only). As a result, MJ cannot detect homepage correctly (homepage is detected as page that doesn't contain such parameters). Most likely it is ioncoded gtranslate plugin, because of that parameters named api_key, bing_api_key, cache_time, ssl_verify_peer, auto_detect, auto_detect_user, main_lang, and debug_mode." I have tried to disable the GTranslate system plug-in and that actually made Mobile Joomla work as it should. So if you excellent guys in the GTranslate team know any workaround. The URL to the site is:, or to be correct right now the domain is a temporary URL as it's being transferred to new DNS, the URL to look at is: but that will change as soon as the DNS transfer is done. Best regards LAMF
Re: Conflict GTranslate Pro and Mobile Joomla
Mar 23, 2012 10:07 pm by [email protected]
I got the solution from the guys at the Mobile Joomla team so here it is: The solution is to patch plugins/system/mobilebot/mobilebot.php by adding unset($current['api_key']); unset($current['bing_api_key']); unset($current['cache_time']); unset($current['ssl_verify_peer']); unset($current['auto_detect']); unset($current['auto_detect_user']); unset($current['main_lang']); unset($current['debug_mode']); after the line: $current = $_GET; This solved my problems so hope someone finds this helpful, just in case someone else uses the two excellent Joomla extensions :D
Re: Conflict GTranslate Pro and Mobile Joomla
Mar 26, 2012 2:51 pm by Edvard
Good to hear that :)


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