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Jun 22, 2011 11:37 pm by [email protected]
I found only one post with "diagnose" in the gTranslate forum via Google. I found this "you can place info.php file from the product package into gtranslate folder and access it", which is just a phpinfo file, it seems. Right now, I am working on a site that I think has used all its quota on Google Translate, but can't be sure. I see in one post where Edvard has posted a 403 message about quota exceeded, but am not sure how to get that. I have gotten a new Bing API key and activated it, put it in the config.php, and set the define('USE_BING_TRANSLATOR',true); which I gleaned from another forum post. Still, I am not getting translations on most of my pages. How do I figure out what's going on? Is that what debug mode is for, in the gTranslate config.php? Without some information, I am afraid to clear my cache (is there any function in the program for this or just delete the contents of the cache folder?) because the cache may be the only source of translations right now. Where are the diagnostics, like : "This page was sent to Bing with API key askdjflsjflsjfljd and .33 seconds later, the translation was returned, 6789 characters"...something like that. Besides this is on a live site, and I don't want to experiment too much. Thanks, K
Re: Diagnostics
Jun 28, 2011 9:45 am by Edvard
Don't delete the cache. If you turn on the debug mode you will find all the communication between your site and the Google or Bing server. If you see a limit.txt file inside cache, you can delete it to not wait, when it is created it just stops sending translation requests for 5 minutes.

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