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[Solved]Fatal error
Feb 18, 2012 4:54 pm by ASpanishProperty
As you know you installed this for me, and you suggested that i disable the plugin in order to edit or add menu items. I did this and it did not work. Can you fix this problem for me Fatal error: Cannot redeclare file_get_html() (previously declared in /home/wwwaspan/public_html/plugins/system/gtranslate.php:959) in /home/wwwaspan/public_html/plugins/system/jat3/core/libs/html_parser.php on line 41 i tried that and i want to change and edit a menu item and the error is still there So I am stuck cant add menu items or change them
Re: Fatal error
Feb 18, 2012 7:42 pm by Yana
Hi, I have edited plugins/system/shsef.php and added this code. This should fix the problem with disabling Gtranslate system plugin. I tried and it works. You can disable GTranslate plugin, edit menu items and enable it again. if(class_exists('plgSystemGTranslate')) { // fix for gtranslate $uri =& JURI::getInstance(); $router =& $mainframe->getRouter(); plgSystemGTranslate::parseGTranslate($router, $uri); // sh404sef fix $session = & JFactory::getSession(); $lang = $session->get('glang'); $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] = str_replace('/'.$lang.'/', '/', $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']); }
Re: Fatal error
Feb 20, 2012 1:05 am by ASpanishProperty
Thank you so much


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