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GTranslate Free plugin on WP3.2.1 no longer works
Sep 8, 2011 6:49 am by [email protected]
Let me say first how pleased I was to find your free plug-in in Wordpress extend a month ago. My site is in English but I decided to publish occasional posts in French & it was perfect for that, worked great. It no longer works & I've spent most of the morning ploughing through your forums & I must say this has been hard work, since you've removed the extension from listings (it's still in SVN tho) and it's hard to tell whether a forum post refers to the free or paid versions. Also Google cancelling API in December is also something I only discovered by accident. However, I persevered & my conclusions are: There were two other plug-ins using jquery.js - I disabled and uninstalled one that I am not using no problem. The other is Videopress which I just paid for a years media hosting + space upgrade & takes priority over occasional translation services, sorry. So I thought I would use my BING API KEY with your free plug-in but is that even possible? Is that why you pulled it from extend? Posts keep referring to /gtranslate/config.php but presumably foe the PRO version only? I cannot afford the Pro Version, please advise whether I can switch to BING in the free version? Thank you in advance, regards, Nico Morrison :D London UK
Re: GTranslate Free plugin on WP3.2.1 no longer works
Sep 8, 2011 8:47 pm by Edvard
Hi, If you post your website with the free version on it I can have a look. After December 1st you will be able to use Google (they are cancelling only API not the service) and Bing too.
Re: GTranslate Free plugin on WP3.2.1 no longer works
Sep 9, 2011 4:39 pm by [email protected]
@Edvard, thanks for the response. My site is in English & I just posted my first French post, which I wanted to offer translation for. I had before your sidebar widget but since it does not work I took the widget out & have only a translation shortcode at the bottom of the French post (also does not work). The Flower Raj Blog: "La Vallée des Dieux": (GTranslate shortcode at bottom) Appreciate the support, regards, Nico Morison London UK.
Re: GTranslate Free plugin on WP3.2.1 no longer works
Sep 12, 2011 3:11 pm by Edvard
You have selected English as your main language. However you have French article. So it tries to translate it from English instead of French. Also, you have many HTML syntax errors on your site: ... ne&group=0
Re: GTranslate Free plugin on WP3.2.1 no longer works
Sep 13, 2011 1:45 pm by [email protected]
Not a helpful response, I know all that, that is Wordpress not me, they make the code. Don't you know that? Your plug-in worked until I installed Videopress, worked fine. After videopress there is a jquery conflict which I told you & you just ignore. Since you have no constructive suggestions, but just are slagging off WP and their coding, I will uninstall your plug-in & never use your code again. N Morrison
Re: GTranslate Free plugin on WP3.2.1 no longer works
Sep 14, 2011 11:22 am by Edvard
I just tried to be helpful. It is your decision. In your place I would blame Videopress, not GTranslate. And it is not really nice of you to speak like this, since you use the free version and I'm not signed to help you. Hope you understand that.
Re: GTranslate Free plugin on WP3.2.1 no longer works
Sep 15, 2011 10:26 am by [email protected]
You mean in your place you'd blame Videopress. But sniping aside, jquery.js is a real mess & I've had to basically delete all plug-ins that use it apart from Videopress; that does not mean it's Videopress, 'cos I can deactivate that & still other plug-ins don't work. They're a mess, the Google Javascript APIs, multiple calls to different versions just don't work. Thanks for your support as such & I hope all goes well with your code work. Nico M


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