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gTranslate not translating on one specific site
Apr 27, 2011 6:17 am by Baldur2630
I have gTranslate installed on several websites hosted on the same (my own) server and it works perfectly. For some reason on two new sites, it just refuses to work. On Chrome I just get the message at the bottom of the screen JavascriptDoTranslate lang On IE8 I get Error on Page Object doesn't support this property or method - Code 0 Firefox gives the same message as Chrome. I tried installing Firebug but it told me to 'get lost' Firebug 1.7.0 could not be installed because it is not compatible with Firefox 3.6.16 It's Joomla 1.5. They have all been updated to the latest version. The only extension that is different to the others is MyMuse. I have written to the Author to ask him if he has a jQuery library on his extension, but still no word. Is there any other way I could check this?


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