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GTranslate, now it becomes serious.
Jan 10, 2014 12:29 am by ok4you
Dear Sir, Dear Madam: Now, I have enough. I pay your service but it does not work. The free service does work with no problems, in general. GTranslate, I give you 48 hours to respond to this email ([email protected]). You do not respond you go to court and all the way, because, I think you are scam. And as I see it today, you will lose, the avalanche will not stop, I will start it. I will brand mark you as bad business. At least in USA, Canada and Europe. I know, how to do such thing (national and international) and I get the money back, because you will lose in the court, thus I get it back. So, you good people of GTranslate, you get it right. You sit down and you start to respond properly. Because, what you are doing is nonsense. You are bullshitting the paying people, as so me. And I am sorry about such force but you are in my eyes scammers and it stops here, right now. You have a choice, you fix me (and with me 50% of all the others) or you give me my money back and every Cent of it. And be sure, if you write back to me, then I have an decider to speak to, if not, then watch the avalanche. Your way of doing has to stop, because this is too much. It does not matter, who is behind you. In the court, I have a chance and I will get you there, once you are there, then will you lose, all of it. Now you people, you get it right and you will response to my email, as it is written above. And I hope, we can resolve this problem in peace. Thank you for your time and efforts. With my regards Oliver Kaeb
Re: GTranslate, now it becomes serious.
Jan 10, 2014 10:22 pm by Edvard
Hi, I'm sorry for any inconveniences caused. Can you please explain your situation, so we can try to help you? I only hear you attacking us without any exact issue. We are not scammers and are ready to provide you help and if we cannot solve your issues we will give your money back. Thank you and waiting for your issues posted.
[Solved] Re: GTranslate, now it becomes serious.
Jan 13, 2014 12:45 pm by ok4you
Hi Edvard and Forum: The issues are solved. I got my contact with Yana and we did figure. I did make an error in my own head. I mixed the Pro as Enterprise and visa versa. She was making it clear to myself and it is properly working. I am apolgizing for my harshness to you and Gtranslate. It is all good and you are proven again professional people with good products. All blame on me. I will try to be better next time. Thank you for your conversation. With my kindly regards Oliver Kaeb
Re: GTranslate, now it becomes serious.
Jan 14, 2014 8:11 am by Edvard
Good to hear that the issue has been solved. Thanks!


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