GTranslate Pro "force_translation=1" Not Working

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GTranslate Pro "force_translation=1" Not Working

Postby FerryTO » Tue Sep 24, 2013 6:14 pm


We use GTranslate Pro on several of our clients domains and it works really well.

One of our clients has recently changed servers and uploaded completely new content which GTranslate Pro is not translating all of even though we have the "force_translation=1" in the htaccess file.

Examples are:

1. - Perfect translation

2. ... anies.html - NOT translating body content even after several force page reloads

3. All links from ... anies.html are also not translating any of the body content even though the url for translation is correct (eg:

The 'translated' pages (including those that do not translate) also take very long to load which I presume is caused by the "force_translation=1" tag in the htaccess even though they are still not showing translated text.

The copy of GTranslate Pro I am using was purchased May 2013 so I have perhaps missed an update that addresses this issue?

Please would you advise solutions for the above.

Thank you.

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Re: GTranslate Pro "force_translation=1" Not Working

Postby Yana » Wed Sep 25, 2013 6:19 pm

Can you please activate GTranslate debug mode and check the debug.txt?

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