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Gtranslate Pro - which lang is on?
Jun 26, 2013 9:31 am by Onuphriy
Hi! The static pages translated to another language with Gtranslate Pro load in several seconds. But dynamic pages need for 30-40 sec. to load because there are many javascript modules (and some words are not translated). I can't edit these dynamic pages with '?language_edit=1' because the content forms dynamically. I just can include php file which contain needed language, i.e. 'property-for-sale_EN.php' or 'property-for-sale_ES.php' with '<span class="notranslate"></span>' code. The code $_GET['glang'] will not help because when the visitor close webpage and later opens the home page without lang (/en/ or /es/) it show last choosen language but variable $_GET['glang'] is empty. So how can I find which language is choosen now? Maybe I can do this with reading the cookies '$_COOKIE[""]'?
Re: Gtranslate Pro - which lang is on?
Jun 26, 2013 2:05 pm by Yana
Hi, You will be able to access the selected language using $_GET['glang'] variable. Can you please send me your domain name , so I can check it and understand what the problem is?
Re: Gtranslate Pro - which lang is on?
Jun 26, 2013 4:54 pm by Onuphriy
Thank You for replying, Yana. The domain name is I know about $_GET['glang'] variable, but when the visitor chose Spanish, close the page and later open home page without language code (/es/) the content shows in Spanish but $_GET['glang']='' (NULL).
Re: Gtranslate Pro - which lang is on?
Jun 28, 2013 12:09 pm by Yana
Hi, For GTranslate joomla system plugin you should use JSession::get('glang');


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