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GTranslate problem - unable to minimise width
Dec 16, 2012 12:53 am by Art POS
GTranslate is unable to reduce the width of the module to less than the longest name of language in the drop down list. When GTranslate is used with just the flags, then it can shrink its width because the flags can wrap around to the next line. When it is used with "flags and drop down list", or just the "drop down list", it can not shrink its width to less than the longest language name (plus a small end clearance). Solutions include; 1a) Let the module width shrink by not depending on the list width, and let the list width overflow the side boundaries when it is dropped down. 1b) same as 1a, but can show the full length of the selected name when it is hovered over. 2) let long language names able to line wrap. 3) Have options to automatically or manually select a smaller font, for either just the long names, or the entire list. 4) Truncate the long names, either by chopping off the end, or chopping out the middle. The full name can be displayed when hovered over. 5) let user choose how the long names are handled when the width is small. Thank you for a nice translator. Art POS
Re: GTranslate problem - unable to minimise width
Dec 16, 2012 10:16 pm by Yana
Hi, You can edit /modules/mod_gtranslate/tmpl/default.php file and customize the free module to meet your needs.
Re: GTranslate problem - unable to minimise width
Dec 16, 2012 10:51 pm by Art POS
Hi, Thanks for the tip. I modified the the following line, which is the first large paragraph at the start ; $lang_array = array('en'=>'English','ar'=>'Arabic','bg'=>'Bulgarian','zh-CN'=>'Chinese (Simplified)','zh-TW'=>'Chinese (Traditional)', ...... to $lang_array = array('en'=>'English','ar'=>'Arabic','bg'=>'Bulgarian','zh-CN'=>'Chinese (Simpl)','zh-TW'=>'Chinese (Trad)', ..... This solved the problem of the entire module overlapping the right edge of the left side. The language selection drop down box, is narrower now, so it fits. But it is left justified, which makes the module appear off balance. So it would be handy if the drop down selection box, was able to automatically re-size (maybe by adding blank spaces to the longest name on the list) so that the drop down selection box spanned the full width of the bottom of the module, to make it look nicely balanced. And additional note, is that the flags fit by wrapping lines, but they too are left justified, which often means there is a larger gap on the right side of the module. If these were centre or full justified the module would maintain a visual balance. We are sorry that our programming expertise in php is almost non-existent, and that this problem involves feature requests that are beyond our ability to make them ourselves. However, if (some of) the changes were able to be made, then we are sure that many users and site viewers would appreciate the improvement in the appearance.
Re: GTranslate problem - unable to minimise width
Dec 17, 2012 8:54 pm by Yana
Hi, Sorry, but we do not provide customization service. All the extra customization of the language selector need to be done on your side. You can ask your designer or developer to do that for you.


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