Joomla with 2 languajes already installed

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Joomla with 2 languajes already installed

Postby boutradelabs » Mon Feb 19, 2018 2:23 am

Hi, I have a joomla that has already Spanish and English versions installed with their menus. Can I use your software for having some more languajes without destroying my 2 hand made Languajes? I want to have English as primary and I want Spanish as it is now, and the rest of the languajes with your automatic translation.

I want to use some country domains as .fr or : can I mix subdirectories and country urls? For example: original site in English at , for France and for German

Is it going to work with virtuemart?

I would get you enterprise license. Will you help me with the installation ?


You are doing a great job with this component.

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Re: Joomla with 2 languajes already installed

Postby Yana » Mon Feb 19, 2018 7:33 pm

Dear Nacho,

In general you can subscribe to the service with English website and use all languages except Spanish.
The problem is that with joomla if you are using language filter and language code plugins you need to disable them and I am not sure if your Spanish version will work without them.

You can use TLDs for translated versions but it is not recommended using them with sub-folder structure. It would be better to use with sub-domains.

We have free support and we will help you to install .

Please use our live chat support .

Best regards,

Yana Ghahramanyan - GTranslate Team

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