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3 problems appears during evaluation GTranslate
Dec 15, 2011 9:57 pm by earlyworm
Hello, at the time I make some test with the Free Version on a Joomla 1.7 Installation. I want to buy the Pro Version so that I don´t have these ugly URLs from google translation. But first I have to fixed some problems / issues with the Free Version so that I´m sure that the money for the Pro version is well invested. Problem 1: In my current page there are also some links to other websites. Also there are some banners. But of course I want that the new page will open in “original” ( . The linked site should not open in the Google translation Page ( Also, if someone klicks on the banner. The “real” banner url should open. Not a translated site in the google translation page. What can I do that the links will open in original? I tried: <span class="notranslate"></span> and add class="nturl" to the "a" tag both did not fixed this problem. Its still open the linked site in the translation mode (in Chinese for example) Problem 2: If I don't want to translate a text. I can use the <span class="notranslate"> tag. It works. But is there now other possibility? Always open the html code and edit there the sentences which I don’t want to have a translation? Is there no editor plugin available which make this easier? Or the possibility to selected a category and now articles from these category will translated? Problem 3: What can I do with menu title and article title? There is no possibility to open these in the (html) editor and add the <span class="notranslate"> tag I really hope that someone can tell me how I can fix these problems. This would be great, because than it looks like that I have found with GTranslate exactly what I want … an you found a new customer for the Pro version. Best regards Holger
Re: 3 problems appears during evaluation GTranslate
Dec 17, 2011 4:05 pm by Edvard
Hi, Problem 1 will be solved with the Pro. Problem 2: Only class="notranslate" can be used. Problem 3: You can add class="notranslate" to the wrapper element of your menu or use a custom html menu to be able to add the necessary code.


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