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storing cache on GTranslate's server
Jan 13, 2012 1:28 pm by applemagic
In a previous post I saw that Edvard wrote >In the near future we are going to offer a different approach for the website translation, which will keep the >translation cache on our server and there will not be a need for our clients to install a software on their server >and make updates. If you do this, please make it an option so that the user can choose whether the cache gets stored on the user's server or your one. Listening to customers is a good thing, but also making changes that aren't in everyone's interest is a bad thing. It is good to know when to say "no". The disadvantages of storing the language translation caches on's server are as follows: 1) If your server goes down, then all your customers' web-servers will suffer. This is a single point of fail. 2) You currently get a single once-off payment from each customer. However with your new model, for every new customer you will have a life-long commitment of storing their translated website. 3) Should one customer with a small website pay the same as one customer with an unusually large website? Once again if you do make this change, make it so the user has the option of whether to store the translations on your server or their own one.
Re: storing cache on GTranslate's server
Jan 13, 2012 1:41 pm by Edvard
Hi, Thanks for your suggestions. I don't want to disclosure a lot info now, but the new service will not be for lifetime, but on monthly basis. You will be able to use the Pro version as before to keep the cache on your server. We are working hard to make our servers failsafe. The monthly cost will be different for different websites with different traffic.


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