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Tips to make a quick and easy Gtranslate pro installation
May 17, 2012 5:41 pm by mherv
Hi. I faced many problems to get GTranslate pro working. I Hope these simple remarks will help you to avoid them. Best regards Marc [size=150:3s4u6s1c]Install GTranslate FREE (Mandatory) GTranslate Pro needs Gtranslate free to be installed and working[/size:3s4u6s1c] 1) In case you didn’t install it yet, download and install the free gtranslate version. You will see the install documentation there. 2) This doc is rather straitforward to follow, however, for the beginners I will make 2 remarks : a. Il the 3rd point of the documentation, you are being told to set up the position of the module on your template. This position (and associated name) depends from the template you chose to install. To find the right place, you need to : i. go to the administrator back-end of your site, ii. activate the drop down extension menu iii. click on template iv. then instead of the “Styles” tab select the “templates” tab v. click on the “Preview” link in regard to your active template. You will see the position of all tha places you can choose to place your GTranslate module. b. Second point : I don’t know if this is important or not : As long as GTranslate Pro is not installed, I would not check the button “work with gtranslatepro” [size=150:3s4u6s1c]Install GTranslate Pro[/size:3s4u6s1c] 1) Gtranslate pro is downloaded with 2 plugins ( for joolma <1.7 and joomla >= 1.7) and a general folder. DISREGARD THE PLUGINS they correspond to a version of Gtranslate with much less possibilities. You want to install the General Folder 2) If you are running a local site you MUST make a small modification so that the site name you gave when you bought the pro version will be recognized on your local site. You will need to modify the hosts file to add this line : “ yoursitename” in my case “” the “host” file is under C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\ or %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc\ and hence cannot be edited by normal users. To edit the host file, Click Start – search for “Notepad“, right-click and select “Run as Administrator“. This should launch notepad with elevated privileges. Now, open the host file from the File menu, edit and save. 3) The beginning of the Gtranslate general information doc goes like this : 1. PHP ionCube Loader - can be found at, if you don't have it ask your hosting provider to enable it for you 2. PHP Curl library - default for the most hosts 3. PHP JSON library - default for PHP 5 >= 5.2.0 4. Apache mod_rewrite or equivalent (IIRF or ISAPI_rewrite for IIS servers) These points are a bit less straightforward than said specially the first one because there are a bunch of ioncube loader. Once you think that you have installed ioncube, look inside your installation you will find an interesting named “ioncube-loader-helper.php”. Put it in your main page folder and with your browser run http://mysite/ioncube-loader-helper.php There you will see if ioncube is correctly installed and if not, what to do About all these points, I also want to say that you might not have the authorizations to run it and you might have to request it from your server manager 4) Apply all the points of the general installation documentation. You must also know that if you want to be manually editing some of the translations, you MUST modify the “config.php” file into the gtranslate folder to give a user and a password that will be known to be able to edit the translations. The user must be known and logged on your joomla site. You might have to change its rights depending of the pages you want to be able to edit. 5) Don't forget to modify the Gtranslate free module parameter to say that it must work with gtranslate pro 6) One last thing : you might be complaining about the long time a translation can take. This is true only the first time a page is showed, once the page is charged into the cache the translation is as quick as the display of non translated pages. So I advise you when your real site will be working to display each of your pages once yourself on your browser so that your users will not get bored That’s it. Wish you a to enjoy this very good component Marc


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