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Troubleshooting GTranslate Free
Apr 5, 2011 8:33 pm by Edvard
Make sure to read GTranslate Documentation. 1. I cannot see the flags. - Please read the translation method option description. If you have Google Default, you need to change it. 2. It doesn't translate after I select a language. - Check if you have javascript errors on your page. You can install Firebug for FireFox and enable it to see the errors. - May be you don't have Google Analytics code installed on your site, but have turned on the Analytics feature in GTranslate? - If you use On Fly (jQuery) translation method, try to unload the jQuery library (there is an option for that). - Still no luck? Check your page source code and try to find jquery. If you can see that there are other jquery libraries loaded, try to unload them and use only 1 library. If there are no options to unload jQuery from the other extension, please contact the other extension developer and ask them to make their extension compatible with GTranslate. 3. It translates some part of my page. - Please validate your site with and try to fix all the errors if any.


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