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Although default language is Dutch, is keeps saying English
Aug 20, 2013 6:26 pm by Rob-NL
Hi, I'm using and am using the on-the-fly translation using both flags and dropdownlist. My site language is set to Dutch, because all my content is Dutch! Initially the pull down window show the "Select language" string which is ok. When opening the pull down window to select another language, "Dutch" is shown as the second entry as the default site language which is also ok. When I select another language, say German, the dropdownlist itself will also change and the second entry in the list remains the one with which you can go back to the original site language (which is Dutch). This entry is bold styled. And it works, because when I click on it in any language, the translation goes away and the original site content is shown. So the mechanism works... but... My problem is that in all languages I choose, this second entry says "English" (in the language which is chosen). So in German, its says Englisch; in French it says "Anglais"; and of course when I choose Engish, the second entry is (bolded) English. But I would have expected "Dutch" here (in the correct translation of each language). How do I get the module to show "Dutch" on this second line? I can not find any parameter which I could modify to control any behaviour in this area. Can anyone tell me if this is a bug or a feature or if there is some kind of workaround? Thanks in advance. Rob
Re: Although default language is Dutch, is keeps saying Engl
Aug 23, 2013 4:06 pm by Yana
Dear Rob, If you want you can customize the free language selector. You can ask your developer to make changes in /modules/mod_gtranslate/tmpl/default.php file to meet your needs.


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