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Can I get another widget?
May 25, 2011 5:54 pm by WPSKat
I have successfully installed GTranslate on my website ( but it only comes with one widget, which I currently have on the home page. I would like to place an additional widget on my blog sidebar. How can I do this?
Re: Can I get another widget?
May 26, 2011 8:42 am by Edvard
You can add it from your WordPress admin sidebar widgets manager.
Re: Can I get another widget?
Jul 14, 2011 5:23 pm by WPSKat
There's only one widget and I've used it for 'side bar home' so any visitor can immediately have our website translated; however, it currently only translates the home page, then when I click a link to another page, the translation is gone - shouldn't the entire website stay in the selected language? If not, I need two more widgets, one for 'side bar page' and another for 'side bar post.' Help pls.
Re: Can I get another widget?
Jul 14, 2011 5:42 pm by WPSKat
Nevermind, I got the code from the Google site and used that instead.


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