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Flags "link" not working and 2 presale questions
Feb 6, 2011 5:40 pm by shawn
Hello, i try to enable flags, which only seem to work with jquery enabled, once they are displayed they are not linked, not working :/ What do i missing? Well it works with redirect. And the flag align does not use all the horizontal space available (with 16px flags). And the module breaks "JT SlideShow", when in use :( And here at bottom page The project site has also another domain over which the site is accessible, if i buy the component does it work with multi domains? If i use the drop down menu, is it possible to get rif of the powered by google translate text? And why is my email public???? That is really bad, considering spam ... please remove my email and exchange with username, Thank You Neat tool!
Re: Flags "link" not working and 2 presale questions
Feb 7, 2011 8:32 pm by Edvard
Try to disable the jQuery library from GTranslate, if that doesn't help, try to unload it from another extension. If there is no option, ask the other extension developer to make it compatible with GTranslate. If you are redirecting one domain name to another then you will need one license only. If you use another than Google Default translation method, you will not see the powered by text.


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