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Get rid of the <h1>Original Text</h1> Heading
Apr 29, 2015 6:14 pm by JTranslator
I noticed that GTranslate injects a few hidden elements. One of them is a h1 heading that contains the text "Original Text". This heading 1 exists in all my pages in my Joomla site. This appears inside a div with id "goog-gt-tt", usually the end of the body element. How to get rid of it ?
Re: Get rid of the <h1>Original Text</h1> Heading
Apr 29, 2015 8:24 pm by Yana
Hi, Can you please send me the link with the example, so I can investigate the issue?
Re: Get rid of the <h1>Original Text</h1> Heading
Jun 2, 2015 7:48 am by JTranslator
Hi, I didn't get any notification for your post. here is the link You can find the injecting part with the h1 near the end of the document, using your browser inspector. Here is the complete div: <div id="goog-gt-tt" class="skiptranslate" dir="ltr"> <div style="padding: 8px;"> <div> <div class="logo"> <img src="" width="20" height="20"> </div> </div> </div> <div class="top" style="padding: 8px; float: left; width: 100%;"> <h1 class="title gray"> Original text </h1> </div> <div class="middle" style="padding: 8px;"> <div class="original-text"></div> </div> <div class="bottom" style="padding: 8px;"> <div class="activity-links"> <span class="activity-link">Contribute a better translation</span> </div> <div class="started-activity-container"> <hr style="color: #CCC; background-color: #CCC; height: 1px; border: none;"> <div class="activity-root"></div> </div> </div> <div class="status-message" style="display: none;"></div> </div>
Re: Get rid of the <h1>Original Text</h1> Heading
Jun 2, 2015 11:21 am by Yana
Hi, GTranslate doesn't add <div class="original-text"></div> . Please make sure that you do not have any other translation extension. Please check if you are not using the latest version of GTranslate free module download it from our website.
Re: Get rid of the <h1>Original Text</h1> Heading
Jun 2, 2015 1:06 pm by JTranslator
Hi thanks for getting back. It was the GT Translate, when I unpublished the module the div gone away and there was no other translation extension. But it was not the latest module version. Updating the module solved the issue. Thanks
Re: Get rid of the <h1>Original Text</h1> Heading
Jun 4, 2015 7:25 am by Yana
Hi, Thank you for the information.


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