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Google index problem!!
Sep 6, 2015 1:55 pm by audit
Hellow dear friends. Got enterpise version. 1) All pages are on my native languges untill I press ctrl+f5. How can I tell all visitors to press ctrl+f5. 2) I check many sites of your clints. Like There are 2450 pages in google. But got only 30pages!!! It's a big broblem. I thought all site must be in index of google. So no positions > So no vistors. 3) How can I google analytics or how can I see the visitors statistics of other languages?
Re: Google index problem!!
Sep 7, 2015 12:54 pm by Yana
HI, 1. It is only for the first time .Our system will discover all your content and translate everything over time.We will discover your content starting from most popular content. 2. You need to wait and over time it will index more and more.You can submit your translated pages on Google Webmaster Tools to see the index status. 3.If you want to use Google Analytics for the translated languages also you need to put wild card tracking code. You can check the source code of our website to see an example of the code.
Re: Google index problem!!
Sep 9, 2015 2:09 pm by audit
How can I use robots.txt for subdomains? I hava drupal > so many page dubles like url...?page=1 url...?page=2 url...?page=3 Usually all peole block this items
Re: Google index problem!!
Sep 9, 2015 2:41 pm by Yana
Hi, There is no need to create robots.txt for enterprise version. You just need to create it for your original website. It would be better if you can create sitemap in html format for your original domain like .


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