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Problem of translation in my website
Dec 8, 2018 12:15 pm by Ibrahim
Hello I am Ibrahim, I am a new user in this plugin GTranslate and inside of this forum also. Therefore, I installed this plugin frequently in my website for translate french to english and French to Kiswahili. But there is some problems for the traduction whom are not good, this my website link For exemple, in this page (Projects) translation of Maïs (French) must be Maize (English) or Corn(English), and the pluging translates Maïs (French) to But(English), so its fake traduction. Because French language have differente on the words as like the write. For exemple, Maïs(French)= Maize(English) or Corn(English), and Mais(French) = But (English). And the plugin translate Maïs and Mais for same word But(English). So, can you find a solution for this wrong traduction. I think you understand me very well that I need to say. Thank for all
Re: Problem of translation in my website
Dec 10, 2018 6:46 am by Yana
Hi, You can use GTranslate paid version. With paid version you can manually edit translations. Please check to compare features .


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