GTranslate Pro creates display errors in Joomla

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GTranslate Pro creates display errors in Joomla

Postby creativeraven » Sat Jun 02, 2012 2:40 am

I purchased GTranslate Pro plugin yesterday after liking what I saw with the free module thinking it would offer some additional benefits.

This was not the case. When the plugin is enabled and the module is set to work with the Pro feature enabled and set for redirect, when the translator is utilized, it creates another copy of the site in the language (not primary) selected but then you cannot select any other language or go back to the primary language without clearing cache, shutting down the browser and then launching all over again.

This is not workable. We have built our site in English and have many international visitors that will go back and forth between their native language and the English version.

If you select German, then try to go back to English you can't. You can select English from the pull down menu but you just keep getting the site in German.

I have disabled the Pro Plugin and set all the module features back to how they should be if you only have the free module and no Pro plugin.

I will gladly provide FTP access via PM to a support team member from GTranslate if you think you can fix this problem.

The live site is:

If we cannot enable the Pro plugin without these kind of terrible rendering issues on our site and the inability to revert back to the primary language without incident, the plugin is not needed and we will request a refund per your policy as the free module appears to provide the basic functionality we require.
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Re: GTranslate Pro creates display errors in Joomla

Postby Yana » Sat Jun 02, 2012 8:45 pm

We have a free integration service. Please use contact form on our homepage to send FTP info and backend admin username/password and I'll install it for you.

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