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Html validation
Mar 15, 2012 4:51 pm by chicsystems
I use gtranslate on a few client sites and am impressed wihtit. I have tried to validate the html and get this error. I have played whit the code to solve the error but cannot. Any ideas?? ... ne&group=0
Re: Html validation
Mar 19, 2012 2:32 pm by Edvard
Hi, Don't worry about that. It is a minor issue. You can solve it by moving <style> into <head>, however it is not required.
Re: Html validation
Apr 15, 2012 3:21 pm by chicsystems
Minor issue?? I don't think it is for those who want proper code that validates. I think it is very important to have valid CSS and html. Anyway you fix worked so thank you, I would suggest that either there is better fix so all your code is on one piece as moving some is not good and certainly explain it better. Perhaps a remark in your code for those who want valid code as to what to do. I was about to remove all instances of you code due to this
Re: Html validation
Apr 17, 2012 7:58 pm by Edvard
The guys who just want to have valid HTML, because of just having valid HTML know their way ;) BTW. You still have errors, try to add type="text/javascript" attribute in the script declaration.
Re: Html validation
Apr 17, 2012 9:15 pm by chicsystems
My point is i personally think code should validate. I now look for addons that do. But thats me. Thanks for the error, i had just updated the lightbox to the newest version and that had loads of errors, I hadnt finished them but I now have. Thanks. And your tranlator is great , i use it on a few places so keep up the good work


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