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Problems including html Code
Feb 4, 2016 9:32 pm by djad
Hello gtranslate team, i need some help to include the html clode in a shopware template. the files is called: topbar-navigiton.tpl im using the enterprise edition. we want to include it over the "{* Service / Support drop down *}" block. if this is right, the flags must appear then here. in virtual machine we see only the dropdown menu. <div class="top-bar"> <div class="container block-group"> {* Top bar navigation *} {block name="frontend_index_top_bar_nav"} <nav class="top-bar--navigation block" role="menubar"> {action module=widgets controller=index action=shopMenu} {* Article Compare *} {block name='frontend_index_navigation_inline'} {if {config name="compareShow"}} <div class="navigation--entry entry--compare is--hidden" role="menuitem" aria-haspopup="true" data-drop-down-menu="true"> {block name='frontend_index_navigation_compare'} {action module=widgets controller=compare} {/block} </div> {/if} {/block} {* Service / Support drop down *} {block name="frontend_index_checkout_actions_service_menu"} <div class="navigation--entry entry--service has--drop-down" role="menuitem" aria-haspopup="true" data-drop-down-menu="true"> <i class="icon--service"></i> {s namespace='frontend/index/checkout_actions' name='IndexLinkService'}{/s} {* Include of the widget *} {block name="frontend_index_checkout_actions_service_menu_include"} {action module=widgets controller=index action=menu group=gLeft} {/block} </div> {/block} </nav> {/block} </div> </div> I hope you can help we can launch the enterprise translation :) for this problem we only need a example how to place the code, because shopware is working with .less files so example code doenst work here.
Re: Problems including html Code
Feb 5, 2016 5:21 am by Edvard
Hi, You can send FTP access to [email protected] and describe which languages do you want to include and how do you want it to look like and I'll add it for you. Thanks!


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