Important to clear caches? if changing Google->Bing?

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Important to clear caches? if changing Google->Bing?

Postby treb » Thu Mar 15, 2012 11:08 pm

Hello, after upgrading J1.5.25 to j1.7.5 we found Gtranslate Pro stopped working. I checked Google API key - wrong one? but still not working. I enabled Billing! After bill getting to $600 I switched off billing! but still see translations, I thought from cache?

You say in FAQs, perhaps on another issue "After you correct the key in config.php file, you will need to clear the contents of gtranslate/cache/XX folders." Are we advised to do that any way (they get v large!) and what should we do do if we change to Bing with API?

Also I can't immediately see any "human" folders? (only done it for DE language so far from EN site) to preserve these.

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Re: Important to clear caches? if changing Google->Bing?

Postby Yana » Sun Mar 18, 2012 1:37 am

Google API key is an optional feature and GTranslate Pro works without API.
If you want to delete the cache, you can keep all the .human files and clean the rest or part of the cache.
To reduce the number of files in the cache folder you can disable the languages you don't want from the language selector and remove from your sitemap.txt. If you have dynamic texts (dynamic date-times, counters etc.) in your pages try to wrap them with class="notranslate".

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