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Joomla! main menu voices odd translations
Feb 8, 2014 5:34 pm by giulio36
Hello everybody. A small problem using GTanslate light version in a Joomla context. My website ( main menu shows six voices. Two of them (Home and WebLab) are stated in English. When a language translation (say French) is activated on the descending menu, all voices are translated. "Home" becomes "maison" (wich sounds a bit odd, but it is a minor trouble). When you click back to "Italian", "Maison" appears as "Casa.EN". By the way "Casa" is the Italian word for "Home". Two questions. 1 How to prevent one specfic menu voice be translated? I.e "Home" is an international standard that is preferable remains untranslated; 2 How avoid the back translation in Italian as "Casa.EN"? Using the Div span class="notranslate" is not possible because, as you know, in Joomla HTML in this case is not accessible, since you can access to a single menu voice merely by the "Main Menu manager>Menu voices (or items) and then clicking on the specific menu voice. Thank you in advance for a kind answer. Giulio
Re: Joomla! main menu voices odd translations
Feb 9, 2014 8:21 pm by Yana
Hi, With the GTranslate Pro and Enterprise versions you will be able manually edit the translated text.


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