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Mixing domain.geographictld & geographicsubdomain.domain
Oct 9, 2015 11:53 am by geeksplus
Hi Trying to understand how to achieve the following with enterprise: Site has 4 country specific domains.,, & which have been configured to point at site in question and are functioning correctly ...ish Site uses format for other language translations which local geographic domains are not owned. How do we make the flags in the plugin direct to the geographic domains for the ones that are owned and to the other format for those which are not owned? For example: At present, if a user enters via they are presented with in the address bar and translations work correctly. If they then decide they want german and click the german flag the site attempts to redirect to which 404s, we need this flag to direct them to either (primary domain name) or ideally Brain hurting, please help! Thanks Mark
Re: Mixing domain.geographictld & geographicsubdomain.domain
Oct 9, 2015 2:32 pm by Yana
Dear Mark, You need to customize GTranslate free code and change href attribute for each flag with appropriate domain name. Please check the following post post13158.html?hilit=href%20attribute#p13158


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