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Pro version long load times
Mar 10, 2011 12:42 am by [email protected]
Hello, We have the Pro version installed and working. First, with the previous version I found that we were getting 302 errors for some pages. These pages included a link to a google page stating that they were receiving too much traffic from us. My assumption is that this was do to the 100,000 character limit per day set by google. But beyond that issue the tool seemed to work as expected. After the initial install I was able to browse through a few pages using the language specifier in the URL. Just today I installed the updated version, cleared the cache and what not. The first few pages I tried loading with the language specifier in the URL would load the page but it took a long time, I'm talking minutes here. But the pages would load with the translated text. After visiting a few pages this way I realized that some of the text was not translated, then the following pages had no translated text. After searching I found that this was probably caused by us hitting our 100k character limit for the day. Now if I try visiting any of the language specific URLs it puts a huge load on the server. It brings the whole site to a crawl for anybody trying to visit it. Some specifics: We have about 1200 posts and pages. Each with about 5k characters. Total of about 6,000,000 characters. At 100,000 characters per day it'll take about 60 days to translate our site into each language. Even if the 5k character per page is 10 times more than the actual value, it'll still take 6 days per language. Multiply that by 20 or so languages, we're looking at about 4 months. Is there a way to up the 100k character conversion limit per day? I couldn't find any options even if we are willing to pay. What kind of load should I expect to see on the server when trying to view a translated page?
Re: Pro version long load times
Mar 10, 2011 12:01 pm by Edvard
Hi, I understand your calculations, but here is what you forgot. The translations are done on demand, so it will translate your most popular languages and most popular contents first. The translated pages will increase in speed over time when everything is cached. If you visit already translated page, you will see that the speed is increased.


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