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GT Translate enterprise - Server Problem
Jul 17, 2014 7:46 am by mangiamando
Hello, on Info and presales about Enterprise version you tell me that translations are hosted on your server and that there's no server requirement on our side. That seems not to be true!!! We see that a HUGE part of our CPU seconds and the same for account executions come from your server!! This host: get quite 40% of total hits, 50% of total files, more 35% of bandwidth and 30% of visits. And the transalted pages seems to be less than 10%. I discovered that the issue is on GT Translate when place a "deny" command, and all translations pages become "not allowed" (except some by cloudflare). Please, i will appreciate some explanations and i need a fast solution (change our hosting IS NOT A SOLUTION!!). Regards. Giovanni
Re: GT Translate enterprise - Server Problem
Jul 17, 2014 2:45 pm by Edvard
Hi, We need to have access to your website to be able to translate your content. Server requirement is technical specification of your server and it is not resources. Your site need to handle traffic for translated pages. So to explain more in basic words, whenever someone requests for a translated page of your page, we get the latest version of the page from your server, translate it on our side and provide to the visitor the translated content. We do not store translations on your server or require you to use specific software on your server or special hardware. It is like having more visitors on your website which of course will use CPU, Bandwidth and probably other resources on your server. Thanks!
Re: GT Translate enterprise - Server Problem
Jul 17, 2014 6:01 pm by mangiamando
Hello, but show me where are that visitor that require translated pages!!!! Translated pages are less than 2% of total pages. Your server make more than 50% of page requests!!! So explain in "basic words" how 10 translated page by day uses more mandwidth and more CPU executions than 250 untranslated pages by day? Show me where are that users? In three systems (analitics, webalizer and aw stats) i havent found. I thinked that your system made a kind of crawl to find every day (note: the CPU usage get one ore max two peaks by day more or less at the same hour...) if some pages where changed (or new). So, just switch the check weekly or every three day and the problem was solved.... But i dont understand, perhaps,... i dont believe that this is a simple traffic problem: to use this bandwhidt or these account exexutions it need more than 25000 page wiew by day, now we got only 250, and 10 are translated...... Waiting to a solution. Giovanni
Re: GT Translate enterprise - Server Problem
Jul 17, 2014 6:18 pm by Edvard
Crawlers are browsing the translated pages, since they are new pages and need to be indexed crawlers are indexing with high rate. You may check your access log to find out. We do not generate any requests without a reason. Probably later the rate will drop when all pages are indexed. You can find all the info in your access logs. Thanks!
Re: GT Translate enterprise - Server Problem
Jul 18, 2014 7:59 am by mangiamando
Edvard, i have only two ways: 1. solve the problem 2. remove GT Translate enterprise (of course with a zero star rating: it's better a solution that dont start than one that causes problem after 2 months and a lot of indexed pages). Your carwler it's not identified by our server so could you suggest me how rduce the crawl rate or stop him? (maybe some lines in .htaccess). Waiting asap. Giovanni
Re: GT Translate enterprise - Server Problem
Jul 18, 2014 2:05 pm by Edvard
Giovanni, Are you not reading what I'm writing? We do not have a crawler! It is other crawlers on the web which are browsing your translated pages, since the request is being passed trough our server you blame us without understanding. If we don't access your content how we can translate it? Please read carefully and make a decision. It is how the system works and we do not have any complaints about it. Thank you!
Re: GT Translate enterprise - Server Problem
Jul 19, 2014 9:08 am by mangiamando
Oh, now i understand what you are saying. But, so i'll be sure, simple answer to these questions: 1. if all pages are translated (no new pages), wich kind of access you made to our server (every day). NOTE: i'm not talking about crawler, i'm talking about 2. Traffic? Where is? Show me that traffic or that lot of visitors. Our systems show me only few (5 by days) visits. How it's possible that 5 visitor (with only 1,5 pageview) uses 10 times more bandwidht than all other visits and page view? HOW? So if i will drop some languages i will reduce bandwidht and CPU time usage? Edvard, i'm your customer not your student or your slave. Until now i PAID money to you not viceversa. Customer could make some stupid questions, but who sell must be patient and, we appreciate, a little bit kind BECAUSE I HAVE A PROBLEM, you have only my compliants (not only mine reading this forum) and the money that i pay to get a service and a support. If you are not able to provide the perfect service i'm sure that you can provide a better support. Waiting your answers, i wish you to have a nice weekend. Giovanni
Re: GT Translate enterprise - Server Problem
Jul 19, 2014 1:29 pm by Edvard
Please find my response below: 1. Even if all pages are translated when someone visits a translated page we visit your website for original content. 2. I don't know about your system. If you reduce the number of languages it will reduce cpu and bandwidth usage. Even if you pay money it doesn't give you a right to warn me or talk in upper tones and this is the second time already. Thank you!
Re: GT Translate enterprise - Server Problem
Jul 22, 2014 8:27 am by mangiamando
Edvard, i'm sorry for upper tones, but try to understand me. I work on sales and for us there's one rule "Customer first". we choose your GT Enterprise after lost time and money in other systems. The main issue was CPU time usage, so when i rode and made pre sales inquiry and got "its all on our server, no requirement for you" i have understood that we dont got never this kind of problem. Now i understand that it's not. Ok, i try to reduce damage. Thanks Giovanni
Re: GT Translate enterprise - Server Problem
Jul 22, 2014 2:47 pm by Edvard
Giovanni, It would be the same if you had more visitors on your server. I think you better fix it with your hosting company than argue with us. Thanks!


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