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No Translation Showing
Jul 27, 2011 7:13 pm by [email protected]
I've looked through the sticky posts and have done some searches. I have also got the debug.txt working but the data there doesn't seem to be helpful. I'm using GTranslate Pro on a WP installation. I have seen it work. It takes a few minutes to translate then and the translated page does show up and look like it's supposed to. I just checked now and there don't seem to be any pages in the /cache/ subfolders. That is where the cached pages of each language are supposed to live, right? When I go to the translated pages now, they're in English (at least when I try to view some of them), which is the original language of the website. I fear I'll get duplicate content penalties if I don't get this fixed. What I don't get is, if I'm over my limit for the Google Translate API, then would GTranslate just refuse to translate it versus keep it in English and store it? Shouldn't the program just not do it since it's cached for a year? Do I have things set up wrong or is this the default behavior of the program? That's what I'm wondering - along with why there are no cached files there.
Re: No Translation Showing
Jul 28, 2011 11:49 am by Edvard
Hi, If your cache doesn't work then you are in trouble. You should have folders for every language in gtranslate/cache folder like gtranslate/cache/en gtranslate/cache/fr gtranslate/cache/de ... Please make sure that the folders are writable. You need to set permissions for cache folder to 777. If after that you don't see files inside any language folder try to change the permissions for every language folder to 777.


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