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Upgrading from pro to enterprise
May 12, 2012 8:39 am by gtrans
Hi Edvard, Currently we're using the pro version of gtranslate and would like to know what would be with all the indexed pages if we upgrade to the enterprise version. 1) Will our current indexed pages automatically redirected from the pro version? for example: from: (indexed page) to: (enterprise version) 2) Does the Enterprise version supports all languages as the Pro? 3) We had a problem with the Pro version which Google banned our website a few times for too many requests, if we upgrade to Enterprise is there a chance that Google will ban us again at any point? 4) If I understand correctly after upgrading to Enterprise we will not use our local Cache folder anymore, and it can be deleted? 5) Can we go back from Enterprise to Pro? 6) What happens if your TDN server is down? will users still get translations? 7) Will we be able to see in Google analytics the traffic for all the sub-domains get together or separately? 8) Is there a way to control which pages are translated? for example: (only this folder will be translated to all the languages) 9) Will Google bots crawl automatically and get the pages translated and cached for the different languages or only when a user translating a page? Thank you,
Re: Upgrading from pro to enterprise
May 12, 2012 9:25 am by Yana
Hi, 1. Yes, you can keep the indexed translated pages and redirect from the Pro version to the Enterprise. 2. GTranslate Enterprise includes all the features of the Pro version. 3. If you upgrade to the Enterprise version, google will not ban your website. 4. Translation cache will be kept on our cloud network and you can delete your local cache. 5. Yes, you can downgrade to the Pro version. 6. All of our servers are on a reliable network. We have never had any downtime issues since we started our service. 7. You can use Google analytics for your translated subdomains. 8. Your pages will be translated automatically. You can use class="notranslate" attribute. 9. Google will crawl the translated pages.


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