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Activating Bing & CACHE administrative add-on
Jul 22, 2011 10:49 pm by jb11
Hi Edvard Just a quick question: if I activate Bing Translation API within the config.php to use Bing as opposed to Google API from now on, will all the Google API created language cache data files within the /cache/ directory be deleted and lost, or will your script just carry on and still be able to use those cache files created via both Google and Bing APIs? I cannot afford to loose old /cache/ files as I do not have the time to create it again within the various API limits. And lastly, it would be awesome if you could later develop (or add a paid add-on) for users to manage the /cache/ data folder in order to delete old files that related to content removed from a website. The /cache/ folder can get very very big and there is no way for me at the moment to determine which /cache/ files relate to old deleted pages on my website. I would like to remove old and obsolete /cache/ files as a big hosting provider like Rackspace had to move my site to a dedicated disk due to the large quantity of files within in in the /cache/ folder and I only use a few languages but have a lot of content. Thanks again for a great application :) JB
Re: Activating Bing & CACHE administrative add-on
Jul 23, 2011 8:48 pm by Edvard
Hi, It will not loose the cache if you change it to Bing. Every year you can delete files older than one year (default cache time) and it will get cleared. Regards, Edvard


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