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Blank Blog Index Page
Feb 18, 2011 4:02 pm by caveman
Hi, I have just installed GTranslate Pro and it seems to be working in that it translates pages OK. I have one problem and a couple of observations. My Wordpress blog homepage is, if I translate it into Spanish it becomes which is fine. The homepage link at the top of the blog page is, which makes sense. If I click on the link I get a blank page whereas I would expect to see the existing homepage in Spanish once more. The problem only seems to be occurring with the blog homepage. Also I check my cache folder after making translations and the number gz files within the folder does not seem to be increasing (there are four). It seems to me the translated pages are not being cached. Finally the display of flags seems to be changing in that the Swedish flag (which I want) is coming and going as is the Portugese flag (which I don't want). Strange. Not too worried about the disappearing flags but would like to sort out the homepage and cache issues. Thanks in advance for any help. Les
Re: Blank Blog Index Page
Feb 19, 2011 10:27 am by caveman
Following on from my previous post how can you check that GTanslate PRO is working correctly i.e. that the correct URLs are being formed, translated pages are being cached and that translated pages are being indexed. I am not getting any error messages, I have double checked the installation, but I am unsure that the PRO version is working correctly. Thanks for any help.
Re: Blank Blog Index Page
Feb 19, 2011 11:15 am by Edvard
The homepage link should be instead of, so the translated page URL will be instead of (note the dash in the end). It seems to be installed fine. Just clear unnecessary spaces before the URLs in sitemap.txt file. Over time the cache folder will increase. If you check it now, probably you should have more than 4 files.


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