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bluehost blocked by black list
May 14, 2013 12:39 am by mircrane
Hi Yana, I contacted with and they say "your IP has been found attacking our server maliciously" below is full chat history. could you check and let me know how I can solve this problem? Chat ID: 773774. Question: Provider: Bluehost - My Domain is: "" all sub domain blocked. Access denied. Your IP address [] is blacklisted. If you feel this is in error please contact your hosting providers abuse department. (9:17:27am)Keefin B.:This means that your IP has been found attacking our server maliciously. I am assuming that you did not do this yourself. I would recommend that you scan your computer for hacks and malware. You will need to clean your computer with an anti-virus like Once you have removed the problem and your IP is no longer attacking our server, we can unblock your IP. Chat id pro plan 599084 will buy right now simple scripts is having issues that simple scripts is working on no ETA (9:19:12am)nick:what you mean attacking? (9:19:41am)nick:my subdomains are connected to service. (9:20:26am)Keefin B.:are all your installations? (9:21:14am)nick:sorry, can't understand (9:21:59am)Keefin B.:you need to scan your computer for malware (9:22:20am)nick:my computer means (9:22:49am)nick:or my personal computer? (9:23:06am)Keefin B.:your personal coputer (9:23:07am)Keefin B.:computer (9:23:49am)nick: - this is IP of (9:24:23am)nick:you mean need to check this IP. correct? (9:26:25am)Keefin B.:its blocked because something was attacking probably malware on your computer (9:26:59am)nick:"on your computer" means this IP address? (9:29:28am)nick:?? (9:30:43am)Keefin B.:what are you tryingg to ask? (9:31:00am)nick:you keep say check my personal computer (9:31:02am)nick:but (9:31:44am)nick: - which showing is IP from which is connected to my subdomain. (9:32:19am)nick:I am asking you. check which computer exactly for malware (9:32:37am)nick:check malware at correct? (9:32:44am)nick: (9:33:36am)Keefin B.:yes that is rght (9:33:37am)Keefin B.:right (9:33:46am)nick:ok. understood (9:34:21am)Keefin B.:if it has malware clean it and come back if not come back and we will whitelist
Re: bluehost blocked by black list
May 14, 2013 9:16 am by Yana
Dear Mircrane, IP address is GTranslate server IP address and there is no malware. Our server is not attacking your server. The visitors browse the translated pages of your website. You will see our IP address instead of the visitor's IP because all the requests go trough our server. Please ask your hosting provider to unblock our IP address.
Re: bluehost blocked by black list
May 14, 2013 2:09 pm by mircrane
Hi Yana, Even Bluehost said so, and I didn't ask them again, now site came back to normal. Now I clearly understand this is hosting side problem. Thanks for your advice! Nick
Re: bluehost blocked by black list
May 14, 2013 2:11 pm by Edvard
Thanks for the info!


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