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Does cache get deleted.
Mar 19, 2015 7:26 pm by innerself
Does any of the cache get deleted as pages change or does it just keep adding files as the dynamic parts of the page content change? The gtranslate folder on one of my sites is fixing to exceed 30 gig. I am trying to decide if one has to start over to delete expired cache. Also as google continues to improve the quality of their translations, are pages translated 2,3,5 years ago ever updated? It is still a mystery why this program worked for years and then quit and didn't translate a word and then after a year or so and out of the blue it started translating again. During this hiatus was it overwriting the different languages with English?
Re: Does cache get deleted.
Mar 19, 2015 10:51 pm by Edvard
Hi, It never deletes any cache files. If the cache file is older than 1 year (cache time) it updates the cache file. If it stopped translating the cause probably is that Google was blocking your IP address. If you are having issues storing the translation cache you may upgrade to Enterprise version. Thanks!
Re: Does cache get deleted.
Mar 20, 2015 9:36 am by innerself
So if I understand this correctly. If a page has a dynamic part, like a most read sidebar that is constantly changing, it gets cached and never deleted. So over time the cache area has cache files that are obsolete. If you delete the cache files it causes a retranslation which is not desirable for a translated page is much faster than a non translated page. But after 1 year the pages get retranslated regardless. It seems the solution to the growing number of cache files would be to delete files over 1 year old on a regular basis. Am I understanding this correctly? I like, recommend and would use your enterprise service as you suggested, but unfortunately I get too much traffic and you effectively priced me out of the service some years back. I have spent a lot of effort accommodating gtranslate pro version over the years and here's what I have learned. For others to shorten the learning curve. here's what I do. Keep in mind that I have probably over 500,000 translated pages. 1. Processing speed is very important. I myself need 9700+ benchmark speed or better( A lot of ram doesn't help me near as much as the fast processor. 2. I place the gtranslate directory on an ssd with a symbolic link to it. I have thought about adding the gtranslate directory to a ram disk and then writing the content back to a disk ever so often, but have not yet tried this. 3. I use the free version settings of the gtranslate module on my pages, but with the pro setup in place. Therefore people from search engines use the pro version and direct traffic uses the free version which operates very fast and smoothly. It seems the best of both worlds. This works for me as I am bombarded by search engines and they do the heavy lifting of causing the pages to be translated. With this setup I almost always have translated page loads under 10 seconds worldwide. Hope this helps.
Re: Does cache get deleted.
Mar 20, 2015 12:37 pm by Edvard
You can delete the cache files over 1 year. But if at any situation Google will reject to provide translation to you, you will be left without a translation. If you do not delete the cache files it will load the old translation. Thanks!


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