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exclude categories, and auto-load language
Oct 3, 2013 6:08 pm by berengario
These are pre-sales questions, although I understand there’s a free version to check it working. However, I have questions: 1) Can you exclude translations of contents by categories (not each article, but all of them in one category) but keeping translations for the system info and menus? 2) With joomfish it was possible that, when user had (in jomsocial) a field ‘language’ in his profile, joomla viewing was redirected to this language automatically. Does it need some special coding, in your case?
Re: exclude categories, and auto-load language
Oct 4, 2013 7:36 am by Yana
Hi, 1. In order to exclude something you will need to add class="notranslate" attribute. It should work with any tag. You can make changes in the source code and add class="notranslate" . 3. The Pro version cannot automatically detect the language but you can set "Detect User Language" to "YES" in GTranslate plugin Basic Options and this will enable detection of user predefined language.


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