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Geotargetting pages
Jan 18, 2018 8:48 pm by challisc
Hi there I use your plugin for 8 languages and geotarget certain bits of content (amazon/ebay links/buttons) to these users depending on their location. The Spanish translated page may serve amazon links for Mexico or Spain. The English page can serve USA, UK or Canadian links. It all depends on where the user is located. It looks like your cache is caching these links, meaning users in e.g. Mexico are sometimes seeing Spanish or even USA links. The languages work fine, its the actual geolocated content that is often wrong (unless the user presses CTRL F5). Obviously, I can't tell my users to do that :-) Is there a way I can inform your cache of the locale of the page, so it caches different versions of the same language. I only have a few locales. The plugin is perfect aside from this.
Re: Geotargetting pages
Jan 18, 2018 11:43 pm by challisc
Or is there a way to exclude hyperlinks and images from your cache?
Re: Geotargetting pages
Jan 19, 2018 11:45 am by challisc
Hi there I've changed the site to geolocate based on language if a translation is applied for now but it would be superb if I could instruct your cache to create multiple versions of the same page. As it stands now, I'm forcing French amazon links onto anyone reading in French. They might be Canadian. Or live in the UK.
Re: Geotargetting pages
Jan 22, 2018 11:16 am by Yana
Hi, GTranslate doesn't detect the language by GEO location. Visitor should choose the language using GTranslate language switcher . If it is paid version I would recommend setting "Cache-Control: no-cache" response header for dynamic pages which shouldn't be cached.
Re: Geotargetting pages
Jan 22, 2018 11:44 am by challisc
hi there thanks for the response I'm aware the plugin doesn't geotarget but I have geotargetting code in my php. On every page on the site. I use cometcache for non-translated pages and have it configured to create a cached version of my page for each of the countries I am targetting. For example, a person in France may be reading my page and I display links for amazon in france. A person in England may read the same page and see links for amazon uk. Pretty standard stuff. I've just recently noticed that this wasn't working with your pages, and realised it was your cache. This is fine, I rewrote the code to display links for french translations, for german translations but can't for the life of me flush your cache. I have a couple of follow up questions: Is there a way I can flush your cache on my pages? How long does your cache take to expire? If I set the directive no-cache - will that mean that you will translate the page every time its requested? Thank you
Re: Geotargetting pages
Jan 22, 2018 4:11 pm by Yana
Hi, To flush the cache you need to refresh translated page by ctrl+f5. By default it will be expired after 24 hours. If you sent no-cache our page will request your website each time. If you do not want to add no-cache for the static pages you can add no-cache only for the pages where you have dynamic content. Regards, Yana


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