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Keep parts of posts not translated
Aug 4, 2012 11:20 pm by chris
Hi! I have tried googling this as well as searching these forums, but I guess I'm not too good at it so I'm hoping you guys can help me out. I have a wordpress blog with Gtranslate pro. Everything is up and working OK so far. (Sometimes the posts don't get translated until I've refreshed the page a couple of times, but that's another issue.) My biggest issue is that Gtranslate translates part of my posts that are written code. As in example code showing users how to execute a set of commands, parts of a script or the like. Is there any way of telling Gtranslate not to translate those parts? Please see the following example, and thanks :)
Re: Keep parts of posts not translated
Aug 5, 2012 2:17 pm by Yana
Hi, You can use claass="notranslate" attribute. It should work with any tag. Here is an example <div class="notranslate"> your text </div>
Re: Keep parts of posts not translated
Aug 5, 2012 3:28 pm by chris
Great! Thank you. Also, do you have any tips on speeding gtranslate up? Even after a page is catched, it still takes twice as long to access a gtranslated page as it does a normal page.
Re: Keep parts of posts not translated
Aug 6, 2012 3:54 pm by Yana
Hi, First load is always slow. It will become faster over time when the cache grows.Please check if your gtranslate/cache is growing. Make sure that you have files in gtranslate/cache/xx directories.


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