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[Solved][Installation.ProVersion] locating the robots.txt
Apr 2, 2011 4:25 pm by dagga
Hello, I try to install the pro version, in the redme file it is indicated : 5. Modify robots.txt and add this line on the end of the file (replace with your domain name) Sitemap: The probleme is, i don't have any robots.txt in my configuration, have you an default example ? the good location for this file sith only the modification you ask ? Thanx
Re: [Installation.ProVersion] locating the robots.txt
Apr 2, 2011 4:39 pm by Edvard
You can check my site's robots.txt file:
[resolved][Installation.ProVersion] locating the robots.txt
Apr 2, 2011 4:48 pm by dagga


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