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Losting translations - post 3
Sep 2, 2013 8:31 pm by jasperli
Hello Edvard, I am losing translations again!! I was starting over with the translations on and now i am 100% sure your system is losing manual override translations!! I think this is a very bad issue. I especially see it back with URL editing. I edited the URL's (see the 4 names of the countries) for the country names to Dutch in the page before the weekend: Now, after the weekend they are back to english URL's again! What is going on here?! Why doesn't the links stay to the translations? Jasper van Kordelaar
Re: Losting translations - post 3
Sep 3, 2013 11:17 am by Yana
Dear Jasper. We will investigate the issue.
Re: Losting translations - post 3
Sep 3, 2013 11:28 am by Edvard
Hi Jasper, Please provide exact examples of what you have lost, please include as much info as you can. You mention that you have lost manual translations, then you mention that you have lost only manual URL translations. You see it is very strange and if there is a problem in our system other customers will also complain. But nobody does, so we really want to understand what is going on.
Re: Losting translations - post 3
Sep 3, 2013 2:30 pm by jasperli
Hello Edvard, Yes, you are right with my issue complaint. I will be more precise in this post. I also know exactly what is going wrong now. I will post my steps below with screenshots about this issue. Go to page: I am translating the URL Translation from english to dutch, today, 03-09-2013 16.27 the following URL's are translated by me: Hitted: ... ia_cXNUMX/ ... jk_cXNUMX/ ... ce_cXNUMX/ ... jk_cXNUMX/ ... nd_cXNUMX/ ... nd_cXNUMX/ ... ly_cXNUMX/ ... ie_cXNUMX/
Re: Losting translations - post 3
Sep 3, 2013 2:40 pm by jasperli
Now i am moving on to another part of the website with other URL's On 16.36 o'clock I change the "Oostenrijk" URL link with ... age_edit=1 From: ... stria_c13/ To: ... nrijk_c13/ As you can see the URL's above are totally differently built up with the other section of the website. Now i go back to the earlier page: As you can see in the next screenshot the translation just made is gone and set back to it's original value: So the problemm is here that on different sections of the website i cannot use the same word twice in the URL although it has a totally different URL buildup. I do not have duplicate URL's but just a word the same in the URL. I think i have found a quite flaw here in URL translation. Can this be fixed? Jasper
Re: Losting translations - post 3
Sep 3, 2013 2:49 pm by Edvard
OK, I can see possible issue in future. For example it is austria_c8 and you have translated it to oostenrijk_cXNUMX, is it possible that the number will change some time later? Let's say it will become c9 instead of c8?
Re: Losting translations - post 3
Sep 3, 2013 3:53 pm by jasperli
Hello Edvard, I have a Joomla website and the core SEF works that it first outputs the name of the category and then the category ID So "austria" and "_c8" This addition i cannot change and will be like this with all Joomla powered websites. So the only way the number can change is that another category is created with the same name but another ID. I can remember in an early post from Yana that i am not able to rename/change the "XNUMX" in the URL: Because if i can rename 'oostenrijk_cXNUMX' to 'oostenrijk_c8' the issue will not the there because now the names are not identical. Jasper
Re: Losting translations - post 3
Sep 5, 2013 12:01 pm by jasperli
Hello Edvard, Allready any idea about my above post ? Jasper


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