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multiple issues please help!
Sep 2, 2018 2:18 pm by merwingomes
I have had nothing but trouble with this plugin! After I installed it, none of the language options showed up for my blog visitors, only on the admin page. I made numerous changes, saved them, but nothing changed. Out of the blue, about a week or so later, all the foreign flags show up on my blog, covering the top portion of my blog! I changed the option for a single dropdown, but it won't save the changes either, so I deactivated the plugin, then deleted it, but that only removed the flags. All the language options are all over the top of my blog's front page. Furthermore, when I tried to finalize my order, it only gives me the option to translate my blog from English to Spanish! I thought there were 103 different language options. On top of that, I get another error message saying that I must use only lowercase letters in my domain name, so I don't even know if my order is complete. I also paid for the $4/month option to use google neural-network translations, so I don't know if that is even working or not.
Re: multiple issues please help!
Sep 2, 2018 2:26 pm by Edvard
Hi, I think you are having caching issues. If you have any cache plugin, make sure to clear the cache, so the changes will appear. Please provide more details about you and your domain name, so I can check your account for you. You can contact our Live chat: Thanks!


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