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Possible to speed up site by reducing number of languages?
Sep 9, 2013 6:59 pm by Hjelptilhjelp
Hi! I wonder if it is possible to improve site speed for my site: by reducing number of languages to be translated? I use GTranslate Enterprise, which works well regarding translation, but the site is somewhat slow. At the moment I use translations for ALL languages available in the GTranslate extension In short: Will it be of any effect for site speed to reduce the numbers of translated languages? If this will have any effect: What steps must I take in order to reduce the languages to be translated? Is it correct that I must: - Remove/delete zone file records in cPanel for the languages I don't want translated? - Remove/uncheck the not-wanted languages within the GTranslate module? - Is there anymore I must do? In addition: Is there anything else I could do to customize GTranslate to work faster? (I have read that setting cache-permissions to 777 could have a speed-up effect - but I am worried this will endanger the site security? Wouldn't this make the site more vulnerable to attacks?) Thank you in advance!
Re: Possible to speed up site by reducing number of language
Sep 10, 2013 8:26 am by Yana
Hi, The speed of the translated language is the same as your original website. You should try to speed up your original website. Just have checked with pingdom tool and here is the result: ... 7128438125 If you want you can disable unnecessary languages. For that you will need to remove DNS CNAME records and disable the languages on the gtranslate language selector settings page . For GTranslate Enterprise there is no cache folder on your local server . It keeps the cache on our server.


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