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problem with search in drupal
Mar 21, 2011 3:00 am by [email protected]
whenever i switch to a gtranslated language and make a search, it kicks me back to english version. how can i get rid of this annoying error? it would be meaningless to translate pages if it doesn't work while users search for something. is there a way that it redirects back to the language (after it does the search action in english)? or briefly, how can i solve this issue anyway?
Re: problem with search in drupal
Mar 21, 2011 4:57 am by [email protected]
well the problem is: the drupal core search module insists on linking to the real language prefix on the submit link, and not the gtranslated language prefix. How can i get over this issue? i believe there must be some way, i tried in drupal 6 and 7, both have the same problem on search results (unfortunately) i guess anyone who uses gtranslate on drupal should have had this issue before, so if there's an easy solution, please let me know.
Re: problem with search in drupal
Mar 21, 2011 11:59 am by [email protected]
any ideas? "search" is a primary part of a website and i need to solve this issue.
Re: problem with search in drupal
Mar 25, 2011 9:21 pm by [email protected]
well, still no replies and i am really done with waiting for an answer via forum/email, and no replies, no support, nothing. I have decided not using the gtranslate module, which is not working the way it should be, so i demand a refund of my bulk purchase. please do not give promises about future support etc. i really am not interested anymore. just make the refund please.
Re: problem with search in drupal
Mar 25, 2011 9:22 pm by [email protected]
PS: i have uninstalled the module in all my domains, you can check yourself.
refund please
Mar 26, 2011 3:56 pm by [email protected]
i have decided not using the module since it never worked for me the way it should be so i gace up. please inform me about the refund asap.
Re: problem with search in drupal
Mar 26, 2011 5:20 pm by Edvard
Please find my response in our conversation over chat, I think I have directed you to a right solution: 10:54 PM alp: hello 10:55 PM i wonder if gtranslate will be able to work on drupal searches? me: Hi, do you have something urgent? I'm busy now 10:56 PM alp: well at least your view is urgent.. abo─▒ut if it's possible or not? me: It doesnt conflict if you are asking that 10:57 PM alp: well it does return to the english version (by default) its about drupal module mostly, coz it gives a static link on submit button but as a result.. the translated page rolls back english on every search request 10:58 PM me: You can use google search if you want to be able to search in other languages In your site Like on my site 10:59 PM alp: nope you didnt get it... of course i want it to search in english (primary) language and translate it onto the selected language for example de 11:00 PM the problem is... every link on the page has the selected lang prefix, but not search box.. it has a en/ prefix by default 11:01 PM me: If you use the default search It will return to main language alp: yes thats what i mean? how can i get rid of this situation 11:02 PM me: Use google search in your site like on my site alp: well that way will i need a "powred by google" sign on the box? i don't want that me: No need for that alp: plus: i need an advanced search? 11:03 PM i mean i need to filter taxonomies etc that is essential 11:04 PM me: Just check the drupal modules directory You will find one 11:05 PM alp: all search modules are working with the core module unfortunately 11:06 PM me: No that cannot be that way 11:07 PM Google search Doesnt use drupal core alp: but it doesnt have advanced search? ie: search on taxonomy filters me: Search the web how to add google search 11:11 PM alp: does it have advanced features on drupal taxonomies? like filtering them? i guess not? 11:13 PM me: No, it just searching in indexed pages you have in google alp: and its no use for me if i cant use it with a filtered search i know that is not what i need i need a real search site module that integrates between taxonomies of drupal 11:14 PM with dropdown category filters etc (in other words, i need a "drupal" search) 11:15 PM me: Well it will be in default language then You can modify it alp: how? me: To change the language alp: modify what? the search module? me: I'm busy sorry, don't have time now alp: i couldnt find a place in the module to modify it to see the sitemap pah prefixes of gtranslate me: Write me on email Or on the forum 11:16 PM alp: well ok i did ? in the forum and im afraid i wont be able to use it if this doesnt work cause all my stes need search, the advanced way 2 of them are recipes sites that can not be run with google search or a simple search mechanism
Re: problem with search in drupal
Mar 28, 2011 4:49 pm by [email protected]
I DO NOT want to use your module. it's been weeks for waiting for answers for simple wueations and it's over for me. please make the refund.
Re: problem with search in drupal
Mar 28, 2011 5:32 pm by Edvard
I have responded to you as you can see from the previous post. If you don't want to use it, it is your choice. I'm not going to make a refund, since the product works as it supposed to work.


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